Making numbers make cents. 

Budget Consulting

At Numerical Consulting, we work with schools and other educational institutions to develop objective budget and cash flow forecasts, creating the ability to set obtainable goals and anticipate potential cash shortages. We'll help your institution organize its finances and efficiently monitor institutional spending.


Our consultants are highly experienced in statistical, financial, and actuarial analyses. We are able to support organizations by offering services that include process trending, forecasting, data mining, and process variation reduction. Our consultants will work with you to provide custom-tailored budget plans and solutions.

Tutoring Services

Numerical Consulting is also proud to offer math tutoring to students at all levels. Our math tutors create personal learning plans for each student to help monitor progress, improve grades, and increase knowledge of mathematical concepts.


With over 10 years of experience in math instruction, our tutors get to the root of each student’s needs. Our goal is to help students become better equipped to face their challenges, while increasing confidence in their ability to learn.

Meeting and exceeding your financial and academic goals.